He submitted an article for #FistfulofTalent and you won’t believe what they posted…

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I write for a couple of other sites about HR, employee engagement, and other management things (that comma is for you @BenEubanks). Today I actually suggest that you take HR advice from Brad Pitt. That’s right the Brad in “Brangelina.” No – it’s not the 5th sign of the Apocalypse – that’s wood. Or is it wool? Or is that the 5th anniversary gift? Never mind. The point is, Brad Pitt actually ad libbed a line in a movie that was so good I had to put it in my evernote list of possible blog posts.

And that day is here and that post is over on Fistful Of Talent.

In that post I say:

“I don’t think we put enough thought into the next step once the “ideal” of culture, mission and values have been discussed and displayed on mahogany walls. That is the peaceful part of the culture change process.

We need to really focus more time and attention to the next stage. The violent stage.”

~Paul Hebert on Fistful of Talent blog

Goosebumps – right?

Now scamper on over – go read the post – give me some feedback and send a link to friends and family.

And BTW today is:

  • Get to Know Your Customer Day!
  • National Corn Fritter Day!
  • National Fresh Spinach Day!
  • National Personal Chef Day!

Choose one and celebrate how your faith allows.

What do you think?

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