August Podcast – No Secrets – No Cheap Answers

not easy

Alan Shepard piloted the Mercury spacecraft Freedom 7. He is credited with answering the question about how it felt to be sitting on top of a rocket getting ready to blast off into space in this manner:

“I looked at those toggle switches I had to turn on cue. I looked at the dials I had to turn on cue, and I thought to myself, “My God, just think, this thing was built by the lowest bidder.”

The lowest bidder is, in most people’s minds, the equivalent of saying the cheapest, least quality, option.

And today’s podcast address the concept of low cost solutions to employee engagement. It also hits on the topic of articles and posts that scream out the “secrets” of success in engagement and employee programs. I don’t think there are secrets. I think folks who say there are secrets or simple steps to success – are simply looking for clicks on their posts and are adding zero value.

Listen to the podcast – it’s 18 minutes of pure rant – no script, no notes, no holds barred.


What do you think?

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