What You Wish You’d Known


I posted a couple months back that I wanted to start talking to people about advice they wished they’d received early in the career. Advice that had the potential to change the trajectory of a career. I’m not talking about “don’t where brown shoes with a black suit” type of advice – I’m talking about advice with impact. Advice you would give to the next generation of professionals. I positioned it as the type of advice you’d give your children.

I wished someone had told me that title and age is not indicative of intelligence. Too often I’d just go along with ideas from VPs that I knew were bad but figured they had the title and the time so they must be right. They weren’t many, many times.

I put up a form for those that may want to be interviewed… and I got a hit!

Michael Moon jumped on the podcast and gave me her “wish I’d known” advice.

Michael is a talented HR, Analytics, and HR technology expert with a Ph.D. She runs her own company helping companies with HR metrics and analytics, social network analysis, employee engagement, and advanced statistical analysis. Michael is a highly sought out speaker, recently speaking at HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit, the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference and the Senior Care HR Innovation Network Engagement Summit. She also has an upcoming engagement on Dec. 4 – Diversity Best Practices, New York – “Learning & Development for Maximum D&I Impact”

Busy. Busy.

But not too busy to chat with me.

Listen to the podcast embedded below (email subscribers may need to jump out to the post) and learn what Michael wished she had hear earlier in her career.

If you want to be on the show – jump out to the form and I’ll get you scheduled up!

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