The Airing of Grievances

airing of grievances

  1. Having to have to explain what that headline means when we have something like google available (in other words – google “airing of grievances”) – jeez.
  2. Posting what is obviously a fake, fraud, hoax, ridiculous story to your Facebook feed. One word for you: SNOPES. No, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are NOT going to give you a portion of their fortune. (I already filled out the form so I’m getting it.)
  3. The direct inverse relationship between the spirit and meaning of Christmas and the rudeness, aggressiveness and hostility of automobile drivers. Seems once you get in your car to go Christmas shopping the “meaning” of Christmas simply becomes “mean.” Dial it back folks. No one needs to get to Bed, Bath and Beyond THAT badly.
  4. One more Facebook post on the perfection that is your family. If your kids are just now entering their teen years and learning to drive, you won’t be posting those rosy updates nearly as often. You will be hard pressed to find an opportunity to take that snuggling selfie in the near future and are more likely to be taking pictures of dented car bumpers and the mess that accompanies unsupervised amateur experiments with underage drinking.#ProTip: That is NOT oregano in their sock drawer. Send it to me if you want an expert evaluation.
  5. Videos where the subject doesn’t talk but simply drops cue cards with the words they SHOULD be saying. How slow to you think we read? (Oh – wait – public school education. Never mind.) But seriously. That was interesting when INXS did it in 1987. Today… not so much. Just record it – add some emotion. Add some creativity.
  6. Anything on Facebook that asks me to repost and share or go to hell. Srsly? Pretty sure Jesus wants a tad more effort than that. (BTW- Amen. Covering bases.) I’ll also lump in those posts that say if I don’t share I don’t have a heart (veterans, sick kids, teachers with students learning about social media.) I’m pro all those things. Your tactics just suck.
  7. We need to elect people who DON’T want the job. I don’t think anyone in 1776 thought politics was a career. Yet here we are.
  8. Commercials during The Walking Dead. I get that it is hugely popular and you gotta get paid but man that last 20 minutes of the show is more commercial than content. Lighten the heck up! Maybe come up with a pay plan where I can prepay for commercial free access somewhere.
  9. Anything free-range. Chickens, trout, children.
  10. People from other countries telling us in the US how to run ours. From gun-control to food labeling. You don’t get to weigh in if it isn’t in your house. I don’t complain about Canada and Norway. Let us screw our own country up – we haven’t needed your help before – we don’t need it now.

That’s my 10 Grievances. I have more (but you knew that…) but you don’t need that right before the holidays.

PS: And jeezzo pete – get off Steve Harvey – he made a mistake! He didn’t bomb a country by accident. It’s Miss Universe. Heck, that is less interesting than any episode of 2 Broke Girls. (How DOES that show stay on the air? Maybe that should have been grievance #1?)

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Be safe. Have fun.


One response to “The Airing of Grievances”

  1. Hysterical! I needed a laugh about now….


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