Acquired Tastes and HR Personalities on #TimSackettDay


Expensive Cigars


The book Dune…

Recruiting Animal


What do these things have in common?

For a start, a ton of people hate them. And an equal number of people find them awesome and their reason for living. Me – I’m sorta in the second camp. Most of you have heard of the things on the list… but one is probably a mystery to most of you.

Before I tell you what/who a Recruiting Animal is let me set the stage…

Tim Sackett Day

Tim Sackett Day began four years ago as a way to recognize HR professionals who were doing the hard work but not necessarily getting their share of the spotlight. The first recipient was Tim Sackett (hence Tim Sackett Day).  In the following years, myself, Kelly Dingee, and Victorio Milian have been recognized.

This year the Sackett Day gods have designated Recruiting Animal as their choice.

The Animal

animal2Full-disclosure – never met the guy in person. My only exposure is his out-of-the-box and in your face radio show. One of the few shows about an HR topic (recruiting) that actually has a personality and makes you make a choice – listen or turn it off. Say what you will about the style – in a world of me-too writing and podcasts – the Recruiting Animal brings the style.

Delivery aside – his laser focus on facts over “stories” and calling BS on the typical answers most of us accept is fun to listen to if you can take the rough edges.

A true Renaissance man, he’s written books: The Psychology Of Job Hunting, he was blogging before it was a pick up line at social media conferences and was on twitter before it still wasn’t a good way to recruit (listen to his shows – he’s not a big fan of twitter as a revenue generator.) He’s not afraid of the future but seems to be a throwback.

A true riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

So, today we recognize Recruiting Animal on this Tim Sackett Day.  If you have the requisite skin thickness, consider connecting on one of the following links.

But be warned. Not your momma’s HR stuff.



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