Podcast with Karen Schulman Dupuis – What You Wished Someone Told You…

Karen Dupuis Podcast Post Image

Continuing the ongoing podcast series exploring the tips, tricks, and advice you wish someone had provided when you were first starting out in life. In the post that introduced this podcast idea I provided my advice: Don’t assume a title means intelligence.

Michael Moon came on the show and talked about understanding cultural fit. And now Karen Schulman Dupuis hops on to talk about mentors, mentoring and having a future “you” to guide your early career decisions.

Karen is an interesting person whose LinkedIn profile lists “intrapreneur” and “shift disturber” as key skills. I think those two descriptors is a great way to start your introduction to Karen. In addition to helping companies do “business design” she also is an educator and advisor. I’d run out of room trying to cover all the ways she is adding value to individuals and businesses so rather than try – I urge you to check out her LinkedIn profile and also connect with her more personal side on Medium. She is on twitter at @keransd .

I truly enjoyed our conversation and I’m sure you will too.

The podcast is embedded below (email subscribers may need to click through to see/hear the podcast player.)

Listen and comment about how you see mentoring in the workplace. Would a mentor have helped you early on? If so, how and how did you find him/her? Love to hear your story as well.

I don’t forget… if you want to be on the podcast and tell me what you wished someone had told you years ago – fill out the quick form here and let me know. Love to hear your story and share it. Trust me. It’s painless!


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