Podcast With Michael Nagorski – What You Wished Someone Had Told You

Bam! Another podcast in the can! Fast and furious they are coming now said my inner Yoda.


It was just last week when Trish McFarlane and I talked about how she wished someone had told her “creating” a job was a thing. Today we’re lucky enough to talk with Michael Nagorski, a Senior Consultant at MHI Global, a TwentyEighty Company. If you’re unfamiliar with that company, you might be more familiar with the companies that comprise the TwentyEighty companies such as: Miller Heiman®, AchieveGlobal®, Huthwaite®, Impact Learning Systems®, CSO Insights® and Channel Enablers® … yeah… those might ring a bell.

I won’t restate the background for these podcasts (you can read it here – BTW – there is a form on that page if you want to be part of this series – fill it out and let’s chat!) but the goal is to connect with other professionals and talk about what they wished they had been told early in their careers that might have made big difference in their career path.

Michael volunteered to talk. His wish was that someone should have clued him in more about the importance of connecting and being a connector to a career and to identifying and connecting with opportunities. Speaking of connecting – you can connect with Michael on twitter at @Mike_Nagorski.

Take a listen below. (if you can’t see the embedded player listen on the soundcloud site here.)




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