Micole Kaye on the “Paul”Cast… Internship?

Normally I start these “Paul”Casts with the tag line “what I wished I had been told…” but my interview partner in this discussion is fresh out of school and really hasn’t had the opportunity to experience a ton of life yet and be burdened by the weight of “woulda, shoulda, coulda.” But even without years of hindsight to reflect on Micole Kaye from Ultimate Software was a wonderful and fun guest to have on the call. She and I talked about her experience as a political intern and a business intern. I tried to find some political dirt to throw around during this “boring” election cycle but alas she was tight-lipped about her experience.

However, she did spend some time talking about the process of getting an internship (hint: it’s who you know…) and what she really learned during her internship. Another hint – a lot of things!

Take a few minutes (21 to be exact) and listen to Micole and I chat it up. Simply hit the play icon in the embedded player below. Those who receive these posts in an email – click here to go to the site and listen in there.

Thanks to all of you for listening in and if you ever want to be on the “Paul”Cast and talk about what you wished you’d been told early in your career click here and let’s get going!




2 responses to “Micole Kaye on the “Paul”Cast… Internship?”

  1. Paul, Thanks for the opportunity! I loved chatting with you on the podcast! Talk to you soon!


  2. […] So, a while back, my friend and HR Influencer, Paul Hebert, interviewed me for a podcast on interviews. He finally edited and loaded the podcast episode and this little bio. With that said, I reposted his post and the podcast episode below. Check out his blog and more episodes on Paul’s blog “What is Paul Thinking.” […]


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