Rayanne Thorn on the “Paul”Cast … Do the thing you suck at?

Rayanne Thorn joins the “Paul”Cast to chat about doing something different with your life and your career. Normally we talk about leveraging your strengths and focusing on what you do well while outsourcing the stuff you suck at. Rayanne is the Vice President of Marketing at Dovetail Software, (http://dovetailsoftware.com/) a case management and help desk solutions for HR and also Clarify Solutions. She is also an editor at intrepidNOW (http://intrepidnow.com), an online radio show where she covers the IntrepidHR channel. She is also an online radio host for HR Latte and TradeShow.media.

Rayanne Thorn and I are friends (always fun to have friends on the show) and she and I talk through why you should look for opportunities to do something you don’t know how to do instead of staying in your wheelhouse. I know – counterintuitive. But fun!

Click the play button below – or if you’re getting this via email – click through to the post here and listen.

What do you think?

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