Enterprise Incentive and Recognition Design – Part 2 – Time to Align

Note to Subscribers:

Sort of a bait and switch here…

If you don’t want to read this quick update on my blog subscriptions you can get to the article by clicking here.

On to the update.

When I started blogging again on my own site I quickly threw together this site on WordPress.com. After a while I decided to move to a self-hosted WordPress site at wphebert.com. But – I had already started to build a subscriber base here and  I wasn’t smart enough and brave enough to move those subscribers to the new site and close down this one. But I’m going to do that soon.

So… If you want to continue to get updates from me then subscribe at the new site by following this link. Sometime in the near, near future I’ll shut this site down and only post updates on the self-hosted site and then let this one simply evaporate. If you subscribe here click on the button below and start anew at the new site.

In the meantime, my recent post in the Incentive and Recognition Design series can be found on the new site at: http://wphebert.com/08/08/2017/enterprise-incentive-and-recognition-design-part-2-time-to-align/

I hope you stick around and subscribe at the new site and I’m sorry for the back and forth on this. I think you’ll have a better experience because I’ll be able to do a bit more with the new site.

Click below to get your new subscription. Thank you!!!


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