Paul Hebert Resume

Work Experience

WorkStride (

Senior Account Executive – 16 months

  • Started position 1 day before NY closed airports to travel
  • Sales executive calling on Fortune 1000 clients that go to market through large distribution channels (dealers/distributors, resellers, vars) in order to achieve your business objectives
  • Sold/Designed complex dealer and distributor sales incentives, and direct internal sales incentives
  • Worked with VP-level contacts to help develop, design and implement marketing programs focused on rewarding sales increases, change in product mix/profitability, new product focus

Creative Group, Inc (

Vice President, Individual Solutions Design – 2 years 4 months

  • Led team that designed, operated fulfilled SaaS technology, designed and built in previous role
  • Created and implemented comprehensive go-to-market plan that included social media marketing, association connections, speaking, online content creation
  • Lead on all sales conversations related to new product/service.
  • Achieved first sale within 3 months of launching solution
  • Company hit and exceeded annual sales goal within first year of launch even with COVID pandemic

Senior Director, Solutions Architecture – 18 months

  • Created SaaS technology product vision, design strategy, technology roadmap, and implementation plan for individual incentive line of business offerings designed to make up over $10,000,000 in EBITA within 3 years.
  • Wrote and sold overall product development and marketing plan to senior leadership and company owners.
  • Worked with senior leadership and parent company to secure funds for building platform.
  • Designed MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Provided leadership to the internal tech team and the 3rd party needed for additional resources.
  • Created and codified program design methodology using google sprints and human-centered design as exemplars.
  • Created and implemented comprehensive go-to-market plan that included social media marketing, association connections, speaking, online content creation.
  • Lead on all sales conversations related to new product/service.
  • Achieved first sale within 3 months of launching solution.
  • Provided consulting services for clients that create incentive, recognition, and engagement strategies.
  • Work with sales and implementation teams to create “experiences” for our client employees, channel partners and consumers to create brand engagement and business success.

LoyaltyShares, LLC

Member Board of Advisors/VP Marketing – 4 years

  • One of four partners, providing the marketing and business development support for LoyaltyShares LLC.
  • LoyaltyShares LLC created a totally new reward redemption option for publicly traded sponsors of loyalty point programs to allow participants the option to redeem loyalty points for the company’s publicly traded stock.
  • Created website, sales materials, presentation materials, pricing and profitability plans

Symbolist (

Vice President, Marketing and Solution Design – 2 years

  • Repositioned the company branding from a promotional products company to a full-service incentive and engagement company through updated marketing and overall sales process.
  • Designed solutions that create long-term, emotional connections between a company and a specific audience
  • Provided thought leadership on the company blog.
  • Ran companies marketing and social media outreach.

I2I – Incentive & Engagement Consultancy

Managing Director/Founder – 4 years

  • Founded a consultancy combining deep knowledge of the incentive and reward industry with behavioral economics and social psychology to help clients create the most effective influence, reward and incentive program strategy.
  • Clients included but not limited toHonda, Fond, Award of Choice, Globoforce (now Workhuman), Michelin, Glaxo Smith Kline, CDW.
  • Built website and created all associated marketing and sales materials.
  • Focused on incentive, reward, recognition and engagement program diagnostic services in order to improve return on expense and increased results.
  • Developed and presented Strategic design recommendations for a company’s entire portfolio of initiatives designed to align audience behavior with company objectives.
  • Created, sold and presented training services on how to best design and operate incentive and rewards systems.

Excellence In Motivation

Executive Director of Marketing and Solution Design – 4 years

  • Company bought by Carlson Marketing Group.
  • New business development with Fortune 100 companies relating to employee, • channel and consumer marketing
  • Provide strategic marketing consulting for behavior influence initiatives
  • Developed strategy and wrote all business proposals for channel incentive programs.
  • Direct overall company marketing and sales strategy leveraging social media as an early adopter. Created companies first blog, etc.

Carlson Marketing Group

Senior Account Executive – 11 years

  • Responsible for account relationships for major Fortune 500 companies.
  • Personal accounts billed in excess of $15,000,000.
  • Profitability on responsible accounts grew by 200% within 2 years of starting position.
  • Strategic account planning for account growth and profitability
  • Ongoing executive level presentations on program results and new program recommendations
  • Managing large non-reporting teams to ensure quality program delivery
  • Cold-calling and lead generation for new business

Other Positions at Carlson Marketing

  • Marketing Director – West Coast Region
  • Product Marketing/Development – New product design/introduction
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Specialist


      Wright State University

  • Wright State University, BS – Quantitative Business Analysis

Other Notes of Interest

Volunteer Experiences

TEDx Greenville – 2 Years
  • Year 1
    • Member of the “Interactive” team
    • Created 10 “stations” for immersive engagement linked to the presentation agenda extending the learning and impact of the TEDx event
  • Year 2
    • Presentation “Wrangler”
    • Created the overall presentation stack for all presentations given.
    • Worked with over 12 different presenters on crafting, editing, and designing individual presentations to ensure “fit” into the TEDx brand and event theme.
    • Coached presenters on how to give more effective presentations.

Beer and Napkins LLC – 11 Years (
  • Non-profit organization created to assist non-profits and for-profit companies reimagine tough business problems.
  • Brew an idea revolution by encouraging conversations, connections, and diverse thinking methods in informal grassroots environment.
    • Providing Opportunities for Education and Skill growth
    • Hosting Idea Events and developing Communities of Growth
    • Providing a Platform for Presentation and Pitches