July Podcast

#2 is in the books!

Below is a quick overview of the content in the July podcast. Runs about 20 minutes. Only 2 topics to cover. As always – let me know if you like it.

  • Got feedback – make it shorter? maybe – we’ll see if I can keep from rambling.
  • Focus on one maybe two things instead of trying to cover too much.
  • Makes sense so I will try to get it down to two topics.
One: Enterprise Engagement
Two: Pulse Surveys
  • Definition
  • Too much too often
  • How can you manage to a weekly set of engagement inputs?
  • People are too variable – they change from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday ad infinitum.
  • Pulse surveys create noise that takes managers away from longer-term objectives – the ones that truly engage employees long-term. Think of trying to manage your life based on what you want today or this week vs. what you need for retirement.

What do you think?

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