Jim Hacking on the “Paul”Cast – What you wish you’d known…

jim hackingBack on the air with another “Paul”Cast. This time we welcome Jim Hacking – an immigration and citizenship attorney in St. Louis. (I know who I’m gonna call if I get lit up in St. Louis!)

Jim joins me to talk about “time.” More specifically – the amount of time things really take to accomplish vs. what you think they should take. And as a bonus track – we’ll also talk about how no matter how detailed your to-do list is – there will always be things that need to be added. The truth is you never think of everything.

Take a few minutes and listen as Jim recounts, when starting his law practice, how surprised he was with the sheer number of details – and how long those details took to accomplish. It seemed so straight forward. It “seemed” manageable. The truth is it wasn’t. The everyday tasks and the time they took was a distraction to Jim with respect to working with clients (remember – lawyers only get paid when they work with a client. Filling out occupancy forms don’t pay bills) and growing his practice.

Click the play button in the embedded player below and take a listen. If you are an email subscriber and don’t see the player, click here to go to the “Paul”Cast.

Hope you enjoy – and if you want to be on the podcast – ping me on the form!


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