Monica Fochtman on the “Paul”Cast… What I wish I had been told…

Are you taking responsibility for your own engagement at work? Are you the craftsperson of your own happiness? It seems from what we read today that companies own employee engagement and employee happiness.

But not so fast says Monica Fochtman, Ph.D., adjunct professor and career coach and mentor. Monica joins me on the “Paul”Cast to talk about how you can control engagement at work. YOU are the key!

Money idea from the conversation… “Not being in charge of your engagement is only a disservice to yourself your employer.”

Listen to a great “Paul”Cast with Monica embedded below. If you’re an email subscriber you may need to click through to the post on the site here.

Thanks Monica – Great conversation!


One response to “Monica Fochtman on the “Paul”Cast… What I wish I had been told…”

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