Change Is Good!

I need 3 minutes of your time.

3 minutes to make my life easier. And you know it is ALL about me. But really, this will make YOUR life easier (and so much better.)

If you’re getting this update via email you are subscribed to the “old” site. I already know that if you subscribed to my updates from this site, you are beautiful, handsome, smart, witty and most importantly, forward thinking. You never want to be seen in last year’s styles let alone on last year’s blog. Well, this is last year’s blog. The new blog needs you to subscribe. Do it. C’mon… you know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it!

And if you go now there is a bonus free download… check it.


Now, some of you have already made the switch. I checked – it’s about half the total subscribers to this site (believe me it took me a while to compare both the list from here and the list from my new site – so many of you. Thank you.) If you’ve already made the switch – you ROCK! And you are truly a thought leader. Nothing more for you to do. This feed will disappear in a few weeks and you won’t be bothered any more.

If you haven’t made the switch I’m sure it is because being awesome is hard work and that has kept you busy. But it is time to make the switch.

Click any one of the many, many links in this post and add your email to the new feed. You don’t need to cancel this one – it will simply fade away ignominiously.

I’ll remind you all later if I see a lot of folks not updated. After that, if you haven’t updated your subscription I’ll assume it is because you don’t like me. It’s okay. I’m sure it’s you not me. We can still be friends. Just don’t ask to borrow my lip balm… we won’t be that close.

But seriously – switch.


What do you think?

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